The Mobile-First Era

September 17, 2017

Written by Ebony Hall

We are now living in the mobile-first era. This was a topic at the American Marketing Association annual conference last week in Las Vegas. There were so many great speakers including Jebbit founder, Jonathan Lacoste. Lacoste spoke about The Science Behind Mobile Attention. I believe mobile marketing must be part of a brand’s communication strategy. Lacoste presented three Major Keys (a la Dj Khalid) about mobile marketing that explain why this is true.

Major Key #1: We have entered the mobile-first era.

Lacoste says data is the” new oil in the digital economy.” The more you know about your consumer, the better experience you can provide. However, Lacoste says 90% of customer data will be inaccurate, outdated or irrelevant in 18 months. Lacoste says there are two sins: buying data from third party sources and inferring data from digital behavior.This is why I believe good data is important. It’s also why good research is paramount.

Have you considered how old your contact information is for consumers in your database? When was the last time you asked them to update their information? Have you surveyed your contacts to find out what they’re looking for or need?

Major Key #2:  Capturing your unique data at scale.

For example, you may ask yourself, “how can I use content as a way to learn more about the consumer?” Social media can be your gateway to learning more about them, but consider what your social media strategy entails. Lacoste quotes Comscore’s 2016 Flurry Analytics report that says “1 out of every 3.5 minutes on mobile is spent in a Facebook, Twitter or Snapchat owned mobile app.” You can take advantage of that.

“The future of social is video.,” Lacoste says. Facebook has 8 billion video views daily. Snapchat gets 12 billion video views daily. LIVE video grabs attention. People will spend 3X longer watching a LIVE video. LIVE video also gets 10X more comments.

He also believes the future of social is messaging. Messenger and WhatsApp process 60 billion messages a day. Lacoste says messaging is replacing email and websites for transactions.

Major Key #3: Social is your source for data collection.

If you can leverage video and messaging to your advantage, you can learn more about consumers and make money in the process.