Quality Over Quantity: 6 Tips on Posting Meaningful Content

September 20, 2019

Written by Ebony Hall

Ever wondered if you’re posting the right number of posts to social media? We’ve all seen the charts on what time of day works best for each platform, and there are plenty of discussions about the frequency of posts.

Many have just thrown content at the wall in a repetitive fashion, hoping to spark engagement of any kind.

Post. Retweet. Share. Like!

Post. Quote. Share. Love!

Retweet. Retweet. Retweet. Comment.

Share. Wow. Like. Post.

Rinse and repeat.

Others have subscribed to prescribed formulas for engagement. I mean, it sort of makes sense, right? The more you post, the better your chances someone will see it (impressions) and click it (engagement).

The truth, however, is there is no magic formula when it comes to how often you should post.

“The truth, however, is there is no magic formula when it comes to how often you should post.”

Take Facebook, for example, where the magic is in the meaningfulness. Back in 2018, Facebook said it would “prioritize posts that spark conversations and meaningful interactions between people.” Facebook was promising to deliver “more posts from friends and family” and “less public content.” For page managers, the change meant creating better content, the kind that could serve as a conversation starter between friends and get the respect of Facebook and its new algorithm. For its part, Facebook pointed to live videos as a way for pages to “show higher in News Feed.”

At the end of the day, it’s not about how many times you post (although thresholds for what’s acceptable or necessary vary from platform to platform). It’s about the quality of the posts you release.

“But wait.. if I do just one live video a week, is that enough?”

Nope. A failure to post consistently and regularly causes you to lose connection with your audience. Your goal is to stay top of mind for your followers and top of feed for Facebook. How do you do that? You could keep throwing content against the wall or take a step back and work on developing meaningful content.

Will it take longer? Yes.

Will it be worth it? Definitely.

How to be meaningfully engaging

If you want to find that Meaningfully Engaging Sweetspot, it will more than likely take trial and error. Nevertheless, here are some quick tips on creating “meaningful interactions.”

Know your insights and demographics

Each platform is different, and so are the users. Go through those analytics for each channel and learn as much as you can. Answer questions like:

• Who is my audience?

• What are the demographics (age, sex, location, employment, etc.)?

• What format receives the most engagement (videos, images, text)?

• What kind of posts get the most reposnse (informational, educational,


Don’t post the same thing across the board. 

Keep it fresh and within the “personality” of each channel. Avoid the “cut and paste” method. What you post to Twitter may not fly on LinkedIn.

Make sure your posts are relevant, of high quality and brand aligned. 

For example, if you are selling homemade soaps, you wouldn’t post cat random cat videos. Instead, talk about why this one ingredient is perfect for sensitive skin and post a behind the scenes video of packaging. Keep in mind, high quality content is not always a sales pitch. Learn to showcase your brand by showing your expertise and not only your products.

Be forever visual.

Videos and images will catch the eye on scroll. It could be a simple GIF or cellphone video/image. Great platforms like Canva and Adobe Spark will allow you to make engaging video and image posts quickly.

Start the conversation with a question.

Ask a “who, what, when, where, how or why” question. For example, a motivational speaker might ask “When was the last time you laughed so hard you cried” and attach a video from a recent speaking engagement.

Respond in a timely manner.

If someone takes the time to comment or like your post, by all means, engage them in conversation.

“But still.. how often should I post?”

If you want to find that “Meaningfully Engaging Sweetspot,” it will more than likely take trial and error. Nevertheless, here are some quick tips on creating “meaningful interactions.”

Post Frequency Guidelines

A 2019 look at how often to post on various social platforms.






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