The Strategic Communication Plan

June 2, 2017

Written by Ebony Hall

The Nerd Approach™ specializes in the Strategic Communication Plan. As a former journalist turned PR strategist, I love communications and research. The Nerd Approach™ allows me to combine the two. In the process, I get to help organizations like non-profits, corporations, and agencies. I can help them improve their communications with clients, customers, employees and more.

Research is key

Without conducting research, public relations is based on experience or instinct, neither of which play large roles in strategic management.

-Saylor Academy

Thorough research gives insight into communications issues. It reviews the list of publics involved. It hones in on what makes this particular group tick or what turns this other group away. The Nerd Approach™ can provide feedback about what you’re doing right and how to improve.

Branding is rooted in an organization’s strategic communication plan, shaping a messaging strategy to express its purpose and character so that audiences will understand it and differentiate it from other organizations.

-Ronald Smith, Strategic Planning for Public Relations

Strategic PR important to small biz

Steven Symes wrote about how research is important to Strategic Public Relations Plans for small businesses.

  1. Research provides unbiased information. “Research, when conducted properly,” writes Symes, “eliminates bias and gives the leaders of a company a realistic picture of how various members of the public perceive the organization.”
  2. Research reveals organizational strengths and weaknesses. “Research for a public relations plan should involve a non-biased assessment of the organization itself,” he writes.” This research analyzes not only the overall mission of the organization but also how far the organization has gone toward achieving its mission.”
  3. Research helps with public relations messaging. “The research provides feedback about what matters most to the public,” Symes says, “which the organization addresses or incorporates in public relations messaging.”
  4. Research helps the organization gain feedback. “After a public relations plan has been formulated and then put into practice, additional research provides feedback on the actual public relations plan,” Symes concludes. “This research allows the organization to determine if any of the objectives formulated for the public relations plan has been achieved and to what degree.”

What do you need?

You need a strategic communication plan that will help you:

  1. set communication goals
  2. recommend tactics and strategies
  3. set benchmarks to check your progress along the way.

Let’s talk about taking your public relations management to a new level. Let’s talk about The Nerd Approach™ to your organization’s success.